Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm is a goat micro-dairy located in Bedford, Massachusetts. Started by Ann Kiessling and Stephen Hagan in October of 2012, the farm sits on 9 acres not far from the center of town and just 15 miles from downtown Boston. Using only the milk of our own goats, Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm produces pasteurized goat milk (in plain and chocolate), a fresh cheese we call Fromage Blanc, a goat milk kefir, and our own goat milk lotion.

The goats we principally milk are Saanens, which have been chosen for their temperament and milk production quality. Being a micro-dairy we are only milking a very small number of animals and are pasteurizing and bottling milk, and making cheese in very small batches. Despite our small scale, we are committed to producing high quality, consistent products for our local markets to enjoy.

We believe goat's milk to be a healthy, nutritious, and sustainable product that is more easily digestible than cow's milk. If you haven't tried goat milk before, we encourage you to give it a shot, you might be surprised at how delicious it is!

Currently our products can be found in various retail locations around the Bedford and Boston areas including: Chip-in Farm, Wilson Farm, Deborah's Natural Gourmet, Formaggio Kitchen, Dave's Fresh Pasta, and Donelan's Supermarkets in Littleton and Acton. For the Winter season of 2014/2015 you can also find us at the following Winter Farmer's Markets: Chelmsford, Wayland, and Cambridge.

About Goat Milk

More of the world drinks goat milk than any other type of milk.  This is due to the eco-friendly nature of goats, which provide more output per acre of pasture than most other animals. Although much of the world drinks the milk raw, our vat pasteurizing process performed in frequent, small batches avoids a "goaty" taste and preserves the benefits of most of the naturally occurring bio-flora. In addition, the nature of the smaller milk proteins and reduced agglutination of fat molecules in goat milk means that it does not need to be homogenized, which may make it easier for some people to digest.










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Because we are a small, specialized dairy, any visit to the farm must be arranged in advance. Please contact us about stopping by, bringing a field trip or a group.


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